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Seahorse Mold
Seahorse Mold
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Scientific name: Hippocampus, sp.
Meaning of name: Sea monster horse
Age: Recent, fossil record begins in Miocene, 13 mya
Distribution: Worldwide

We have always been fascinated by the sea horse. Although it has the likeness of a horse it is in no way related to the horse and is actually a bony fish. In fact, it is closely related to the pipefish. The sea horse swims upright using tiny pectoral fins behind its eyes for steering. Since it really can't swim well, it usually hangs out with its tail wrapped around a stable object. The sea horse eats by sucking up small prey that floats by. Instead of scales, it has bony plates that are covered with a thin skin, and articulate in rings as part of the sea horse skeleton. The most unusual aspect of the sea horse is that the male gives birth to its offspring. This mold was created using a dried sea horse and makes a great detailed cast.
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