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Mackrell Shark Tooth Mold
Mackrell Shark Tooth Mold
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Mackrell Shark Tooth
Scientific name: Otodus obliquus
Meaning of name: Incline tooth (?)
Common name: Mackerel shark
Age: Eocene-Paleocene, 60-40 mya
Distribution: Worldwide

Otodus obliquus had inclined, non-serrated teeth and could grow to 30 feet in length. It was one of the largest predators of its time and is considered to be the ancestor to Carcharodon megalodon. Its diet consisted of fish, smaller sharks and ancient, ocean-dwelling mammals related to whales, dolphins and seals. Because of its shape, it is often referred to as the mackerel shark. Since these are sharks and are cartilaginous, their fossil record is based mostly on their teeth. Some vertebrae have been discovered but fail to give us any detailed information.
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