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Giant Shark Tooth Mold
Giant Shark Tooth Mold
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Scientific name:Carcharodon megalodon
Meaning of name: Rough tooth, Giant tooth shark
Age: Miocene to Pliocene, about 18-1.5 million years ago (mya)
Distribution: Worldwide

I found this wonderful tooth at the Tucson Fossil Show. I find a lot of my fossils there and love to attend the show. The megalodon was the ancient terror of the seas and presumed to be very similar to the great white shark even though they are not closely related. However, the gigantic size of megalodon would have allowed it to swallow a great white whole! Since sharks are mostly cartilaginous we don't have the bones of megalodon to tell us how long it really was but we can determine its overall length by the length of its teeth. For every inch of tooth we estimate that there was ten feet of shark behind it. So, if you have a 7” tooth it probably came from a 70' long Carcharodon megalodon! The largest predator in our seas today is the blue whale which grows well over 80' long. But, as you can see, this shark wasn't far behind in size. Megalodon had about 270 teeth within the upper and lower jaws. Now sharks grow teeth like dinosaurs! Both groups keep replacing their teeth with new ones and they never run out of new teeth. There is another group that does the same thing, crocodiles and alligators! What did megalodon like to eat? Anything smaller than it, which was everything!
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