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Allosaurus Claw Cast
Allosaurus Claw Cast
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Scientific name: Allosaurus fragilis
Common name: Allosaurus
Meaning of name: Different lizard
Age: Jurassic, 145 mya
Distribution: United States

This Allosaurus claw comes from the famous Bone Cabin Quarry in Wyoming. Although known for its variety of dinosaurs, it is not as prolific in allosaur remains as the Cleveland-Lloyd quarry in central Utah where parts of over 40 different individual allosaurs have been found. Most allosaurs have been found in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. The vast area that these three states covers seems to have been their territory. They were a meat-eating dinosaur and along with Torvosaurus and Ceratosaurus, two other large predators of the Jurassic. They were at the top of the food chain during that time period. I have always found it interesting that the largest dinosaurs in the world, the Sauropods (such as Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus), were hunted by relatively small meat-eaters, compared to the sauropods, such as Allosaurus. T-Rex by contrast, living 70 million years later and being the largest carnivore, was left to dine on much smaller prey as all the sauropods had long been extinct.

Allosaurus walked on his hind legs but had powerful front limbs, which he probably used to take down his prey. This claw comes from the hind foot and would have had a sheath of nail over it for even greater length and sharpness. Allosaurus would have been a feared hunter from a young age and grew to a size of about 30 feet in length.
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